Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kim Wilson played White’s twice around 2002. Kim is the singer and harp player for the Fabulous Thunderbirds and he came my way through Detroit blues rocker Doug Deming. Doug is a true believer and a genuine guy who walks with integrity. At White’s Wilson stuck to the blues. His set list consisted of several songs from his phenomenal LPs Looking’ For Trouble – F-Fat, Love Attack, JR’s Jump, and Love My Baby and songs from Tiger Man –Boogie All Night, Hunch Rhythm and the Hustle is On. Wilson was truly spectacular. I’ve never heard anyone play the harp like Wilson – perfect tone and nuanced execution. He sustained a note for like 3 minutes. I wondered how on earth he could do that without losing pitch. There was a sub-plot to all this that had to do with Wison’s girlfriend. She had been married to Greg “Fingers” Taylor a great musician who had played piano and harp for Jimmy Buffett. Taylor had performed @ White’s on several occasions with Doug Demming in the past few years. I really liked Fingers, even have his Greatest Hits CD. It is pure magic. Anyway, the lady was simply stunning – beautiful. She was friendly and easy to talk to. But during the show she and a customer struck up a conversation, a loud laugh fest that shifted the crowd’s attention to them. Kim was noticeably flustered; his complexion turned a brighter shade of red. He was pissed but following a sudden break, Wilson’s wayward lover quieted down and the show ended with a crescendo of glorious music. I never saw Kim Wilson again. I miss him. He is truly a great artist!

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