Saturday, May 26, 2012

Behind the scenes @ the Frost 30 Year Reunion Concert.  My partner Scott Seeburger and I sat in on a rehearsal a few days before the concert. We listened intently, in awe of this great band. The Frost sounded great as if the ensuing 30 years did not alter their incredible craft. Donny was in great voice, Wagner was rockin’ his ass off and Bobby Rigg pounded the kit like a kid with an intractable erection. The band was in the process of paring down the set list. Sweet lady Love was jettisoned early on – that hurt. I loved that song. It appeared to my ear that Donny’s vocals were in the best shape – just listen to In the Middle of the Night and This Band Can Rock. He nailed it.  He did Donny’s Blues like a young man possessed by a voodoo gris gris that wouldn’t quit. Rigg was singing harmonies and he sounded great. I talked with bassist Gordy Garris a few weeks before and he wished the Frost the best and he held no grudges. Gordy is just a sweet man. Tom Randall signed on to do the bass and he did an admirable job. Near the end of the rehearsal Scott and I approached the band about doing our favorite Frost song – a stone masterpiece entitled Sunshine from 1967. Didn’t happen.

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